Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wrapped in an enigma

I had a great time reading The Cuckoo's Calling so I ran out after I finished it and bought a copy of The Silkworm. Now that I've finished the second Cormoran Strike novel I'm still very pleased with the universe in which Cormoran does his work but the second novel didn't have the same giddy novelty of the first, but then who could reasonably expect that sort of thing?

The Silkworm is delightful. The relationship between Cormoran and Robin progresses in a way that is very appropriate (and much needed) after The Cuckoo's Calling. Robin takes a bigger part in all of the intrigue going on and expresses herself and her desires in a way that was more fulfilling for me than her character was in the first book. Cormoran is still getting his shit figured out but isn't as down-on-his-luck, teetering-on-the-edge as he was for the earlier story, and seeing him get his bearings is great.

The mystery itself is fun. I sort of feel like that's the limit of what I can tell you, simply because it's a mystery novel and I don't want to spoil anything, but I did enjoy the various twists and turns and red herrings that filled in the story.

And dammit all I just looked it up and there's another Cormoran Strike novel coming out this year, but I have to wait until October to get it. This year's holiday book season seems to be building up to an awesome peak - there are at least five books that I'm impatiently awaiting, and now I've got to add another to the list.

Check out the Galbraith books, if you haven't yet. They're a load of fun and it looks like they'll probably keep coming for a while (btw I'm hedging my bets here by hoping rather than predicting, but I'd love to see more of Strike's brother Al in the third book).

     - Alli

Galbraith, Robert. The Silkworm. Mulholland Books. New York: New York. 2014.

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