Thursday, July 23, 2015

OMFG how could they do that

I am going to try very, very hard to not flip out and give spoilers, but Gillen and Co. did a fantastic job of fucking over their fanbase and guaranteeing long and profitable careers with the second volume of The Wicked + The Divine. I don't mean they fucked us over in the sense of absolutely screwing us, they just did terrible things that are totally unsatisfying and then left us hanging for who knows how long to figure out what in the hell is going on. It's a wonderful but frustrating feeling and I really have to congratulate the creative team because I want to tear my hair out trying to figure out where things are going and how we'll get there and OMFG is everyone okay, no of course they're not okay, fuck, fuck, shit how do they keep doing this to us, and so on.

The characters in this series are just brilliant. They're easy to fall in love with, easy to obsess over, and that makes readers easy to hook and easy to string along. Again, I don't think the creators are intentionally stringing us along, I just think they wrote and illustrated a fascinating universe that I want to pick apart and explore with my bare hands and instead I'll just have to feverishly await a new issue of Volume Three each month.

Comic geeks are so predictable. We're so eager to fall in love and once you've got us we're usually yours forever. Gillen and the crew know this but STILL made an effort and I really appreciate that. The writing in the series this far is stellar, the art in the first two volumes is magnificent, and this has been a wonderful joyride that I'm in no hurry to give up.

I'm sure there are some people who I wouldn't recommend this comic to but I honestly can't think of anyone I know personally because if you're the kind of person who DOESN'T think a story about a modern pantheon of gods with superpowers and infighting and a rabid fanbase is totally bitchin' then I don't think we've ever hung out or are likely to do so. So read it. Read The Wicked + The Divine. It fucking rules.

     - Alli

Gillen, Kieron. The Wicked + The Divine Vol 2.: Fandemonium. Jamie McKelvie, Artist.
     Matthew Wilson, Colorist, Clayton Cowles, Letterer. Hannah Donovan, Designer.
     Chrissy Williams, Editor. Dee Cunnifee, Flatter. Image Comics. Berkley: California. 2015.

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