Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Second season blues

So I love the movie Fargo (Marge Gunderson 4eva, if you disagree get out) and I was really extra super impressed with the unexpectedly wonderful first season of Fargo on FX. Season two was okay. Just okay.

I think part of what I like most about Fargo as a film and in the first season are the representation and subversion of expectations - when's the last time you saw a heavily pregnant woman pull a gun on a suspect in a major film? When's the last time you saw a Deaf hitman portrayed as simultaneously intelligent and imposing in a way that had nothing to do with his Deafness in any form of media? And that was also in a show that starred a fat woman as the main character (and supreme badass). And both the original film and first season were written brilliantly; the pacing created a perfect surreality and underscored some bitingly minimalist humor.

Season two was okay. The inclusion of two non-white lead characters was a pleasant surprise that brought up some fascinating conflicts (though the fact that both characters were extremely violent gangsters is troubling). Marital strain was a theme, as were toxic masculinity and police corruption. But there was too much pointlessly bizarre crap clogging up the background. The whole side story with Regan was overdeveloped and did nothing to further the humor, mood, or plot. And then there was the other thing. The really stupid thing. (Spoilers - next sentence) Why the fuck did they feel the need to add aliens who never did anything to this season? (End Spoilers)

So. Anyway. I will say that every single actor in the whole season did a top-notch job. Everyone was just perfect. There were some moments of tremendous humor, and a few instances of human tenderness that were touching.

So it was okay. But not as great as I wished it could be.

     - Alli

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