Sunday, April 12, 2015

Interstellar is actually pretty stellar

I feel guilty. My husband is not a movie watcher and when Interstellar was out he wanted to see it - we just never made it to the theater. When Mad Max: Fury Road comes out this summer we probably WILL get to see it just because it will be playing everywhere forever. But even though I'll see an explosion-y silly movie in theaters I didn't get to see Interstellar on a big screen, which I now stridently regret.

In spite of my small (15 inch laptop screen small) screen experience the film is staggeringly beautiful. I loved the way that everything was shot and the stunning construction of the worlds that were visited. Earth in the midst of crisis was terrifying and brilliantly presented in a way that felt realistic and much more scary than an unlikely, unrealistic impending asteroid scenario could have been.

A lot of the film reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey in its intense focus on detail. I felt a bit let down that some of the more mundane aspects of training and preparing for a space journey were left out, but since it's a nearly three hour movie I can see why there wasn't a "getting prepped for flight" montage tossed in there when it isn't really needed - but some parts of the story did feel a little rushed as a result.

Throughout the film there is a pervading faith in the strength and hope of humanity that I appreciated and was glad to see - Nolan can be quite dark but, while Interstellar doesn't balk at showing suffering, this movie is much more interested in perseverance than in perversity.

I was delighted to see this movie at last, and I'm sure I'll be delighted to see it in the future. I do have some criticisms of the film but they're all minor and pale in comparison to the moving story, wonderful acting, and luscious presentation of the movie.

     - Alli

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