Thursday, January 8, 2015

Better than expected, worse than it could be

I have a friend who is tremendously irritated by Guardians of the Galaxy. He doesn't like Starlord and he thinks that damseling Gamora is bullshit. I didn't see nearly as much of a problem with the way Gamora was presented as I saw with Tauriel in The Hobbit so I guess I was sort of vaccinated against those kinds of tropes and it added a lot to my enjoyment of the film as a whole. I was pretty turned off by the tearjerker beginning and by the cockfighting scene, but overall I was fairly amused.

Groot, Drax, and Rocket are all wonderful characters who I want to see more of. Watching the relationship between Groot and Rocket was the best part of the film for me (other than the hilarious soundtrack) but I also got a kick out of most of the action sequences and space battles.

I am left with a lot of questions about the morality of this universe as well as some frustration with MacGuffins, but overall I laughed a lot and was able to suspend most of my disbelief. This is one of the better Marvel Studios films that I've seen and I'd be interested in seeing a sequel that might take some more risks and focus a little more on character development than on explosions.

And, in spite of the fact that I didn't like his character much, I was very favorably impressed by Chris Pratt's acting - I'd not seen any of his work beyond Parks & Recreation and seeing him fill out a lead role was a unique experience: I liked that he was funny and brash and more round an unexpectedly deep than a typical action star. Marvel Studios characters tend to have two modes, awesome and tragic, that they switch between with little warning or really even differentiation between those modes beyond music cues, so having a lead who was foolish and funny and strong and stupid was quite refreshing.

     - Alli

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